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[news] promotion for the final episode - update + new subs out + new uploads

Promotional schedul for Natsuniji's final episode updated!
It's been confirmed that Matsumoto Jun will be a live guest on Mezanyuu, Fuji tv first news show to air on early morning on a daily basis. (4:00 - 5:25)
EDIT: it seems my source failed or they had a change of scheduling because I watched the whole show and they talked about him aroud 5am JT, they also had plenty of short cms about Natsuniji but no sign of our lead actor o_O
There was a report of the crank up on Mezamashi btw.

He will also appear in Tokudane (08:00-09:55), the show co-hosed by Ogura Tomoaki <3 with whom Arashi fans are familiar to because he co-hosted Arashi no Shukudai-kun (yay for Ogu-san! *_*)
So we will have him on early morning, at lunch time at Waratte iitomo and before Natsuniji at Hey!Hey!Hey! <3
A Jun filled Monday is approaching, I'm really happy about this (I only hope he will be not so sleepy on Mezanyuu, poor beloved one <3)

New subs out
Natsuniji episode 8 is alavaible on hardsub by Stormy Team SUBS here:
(read their directions to join)

New uploads
Episode 4, 5, 8 and 9 high high quality (1080p) alavaible on their own master posts.
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